The soldier of blue sky

The soldier

30 minute situation

He walked in front – I walked behind
A place with no being
Except for him and me
I dressed in black, white and little red string He dressed in green
He was on top of the stairs and I was down my dear
Waiting for something to explode but nothing did
Excuse me-shit Continue reading

A line to misfortune

I live between the shadows of darkness

Between the deaths I rise

And the dark shadows I fight

I from within strive

Shadows of misfortune

But remember there is many times a line.

Another day

Another day has come across
Filled with wills and thoughts
A destiny that’s unknown
Is it real or is it a join
So far away it is a mystery to me
How destiny will be???

My MYths

Myths are not sure!! Are not for sure my dear
If you are slim – drink less to have a body that got meat
If you are over –drink water to have feathers feet
If you are searching- find your favorite thing and don’t let it leave Continue reading