weird hummm

When we met in the hall way
Behind wide doors

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Fear faces

Fear sometimes is a deadly weapon my dear

it could destroy

sometimes it can provide contingency

for  us to go ahead and do something weird

fear is in the heart maybe

for me it causes  a reaction deadly or benevolent as is.

The soldier of blue sky

The soldier

30 minute situation

He walked in front – I walked behind
A place with no being
Except for him and me
I dressed in black, white and little red string He dressed in green
He was on top of the stairs and I was down my dear
Waiting for something to explode but nothing did
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A line to misfortune

I live between the shadows of darkness

Between the deaths I rise

And the dark shadows I fight

I from within strive

Shadows of misfortune

But remember there is many times a line.

Another day

Another day has come across
Filled with wills and thoughts
A destiny that’s unknown
Is it real or is it a join
So far away it is a mystery to me
How destiny will be???